Jersey 2007 Wild Flowers : Series Iii 8v Stamps MNH
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Jersey 2007 Wild Flowers : Series Iii 8v Stamps MNH. Online shop for stamps, postal history covers, postal stationery. Topical covers and stamps. Bangladesh new issue information. Online auction.
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Jersey 2007 Wild Flowers : Series Iii 8v Stamps MNH
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Price : 9.99 US$
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Country : Jersey
Year : 2007
Item Condition : Mint
Theme(s)/Topic(s) : Flora, Flowers & Plants, Fruits, Orchids, Sunflower
Jersey : Wild Flowers of Jersey : Series III 8v Stamps MNH 2007
Item Specification
10 p Clack bryony (Tamus communis)
25 p Horsehoe vetch (Hippocrepis comosa)
35 p English stonecrop (Sedum anglicum)
45 p Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum)
55 p Ox eye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)
60 p Rock sea spurrey (Spergularia rupicola)
80 p Mouse ear hawkweed (Pilosella oficinarum)
1.50 Devil's-bit scabious (Succisa pratensis)
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